A Sleepy Newborn Session

Sometimes parents come to a newborn session stressed their new baby won't cooperate to take dreamy timeless photos. I want to take that anxiety away! A calm mommy equals a calm baby. Below you will find a few common practices to ensure a sleepy newborn session.


1.  Please be prepared, newborn session are lengthy, 2.5-4 hours at times. We stop multiple times for changes, clean up, feedings (at times-cluster feedings) and rocking your precious love. I advise parents to not schedule anything else, such as appointments or meetings on your scheduled newborn session date. You want to to be a relaxed as possible. Having two children of my own, I know how unsettling a toddler can get during a lengthy session. Although I understand it's not always possible, if you are bringing young children, please be prepared to have a spouse or relative take them to the park or lunch during the session. There's a great dessert place around the corner and a park down the street. This is just so they feel more comfortable for the amount of time the session might take. Some snacks are provided, but please bring extra snacks for the session if you wish-especially for young children.


2. My studio is located on the second floor. In order to be mindful of the businesses below, I kindly ask parents to be sure toddlers do not jump or stomp on the floors.


3. Prior to your session, interact with your newborn as much as possible. This will help ensure he/she is ready for a feeding and a nap. I suggest a nice warm sponge bath. This helps soothe baby before their journey off to dreamland. Have a long drive to my studio? Try talking to your baby during your drive or playing with them in their car seat.


4. Please plan to feed baby 30 minutes prior to arrival to your session. If you live far, no worries! We will have time in the beginning to have a feeding session. If your baby is formula fed, please bring an extra bottle just in case.


5. A gassy baby is an awake baby! Nursing mothers, please try to avoid some of the following gas causing foods 24 hours prior to ensure babies tummy isn't upset during your session. Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, onions, brussels sprouts, beans, grapes, cherries, apples, oranges, pineapple, berries, caffeine.


6. Struggling getting that little arm in a cute outfit? No worries, I ask parents to bring your little ones in a loose zip up onesie. This helps get baby out of their clothes quickly without upsetting baby while they rest. Ensure diaper is wrapped loosely during the car ride to avoid excess marks on those cute little thighs.


7. Please bring a pacifier of your choice. Honestly, I know you're cringing! I promise I did too with my babies. But I assure you, it will not be used for long periods of time. A pacifier is used during the posing if baby needs a quick calming to settle into a pose. If you do not have one, a new hospital recommended brand one can be provided. I have spoken to several lactation specialists and everyone assures me that a couple times during a session will not hinder your long-term latching.


8. During the session, a sound machine is used to help soothe baby. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the whooshing sounds your baby hears in your womb is, to them, louder than a vacuum cleaner! A sound machine is perfectly safe.

All poses are done with the care and safety of your little one. As a photographer and a mother, I would never place you or your child at risk of injury. I have taken many safety and technique courses to ensure the safety of your baby. 


Important information to note:

I like to mention to parents that the studio is set to a cozy 80-85 degrees for newborn sessions. This is to make sure your baby is nice and warm during the session. A cozy baby is a sleepy baby! Parents, try to dress in layers in case you get too hot.



If you are taking family pictures, I always suggest simple and comfortable solid neutral colors.

For moms, I recommend a solid cream, white, black or grey tank tops. If you would like to add a pop for fun, I suggest a lace blouse or adding a colorful piece of jewelry or accessories. I also have a few maternity dresses you can also use during your session. *Please let me know ahead of time if you would like to use these.

For dads, a white or black plain t-shirt is best. Avoid logos, plaids, and busy shirts, as they may distract from the main focus... your beautiful new baby!

For children, I suggest a matching color dress or plain white shirt for boys with jeans or khaki pants. Sometimes we have big brothers go shirtless with their khaki pants or jeans.

Side note: Most moms and dads get some sort of "baby surprises" on them during the session. I suggest bringing an extra shirt if you plan to go out afterward for lunch.



Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can't wait to meet your family!

What to Wear for Family Pictures

For parent and sibling pictures I always suggest simple and comfortable solid neutral colors.


For moms I recommend a solid cream, white, black tank tops. If you would like to add a pop for fun, I suggest a lace blouse, shawl or cardigan. You can also add a colorful piece of jewelry or accessories, but remember baby will be close to your chest.


For dads, a white or black plain t-shirts for dad. Please avoid logos, plaids and busy shirts, as they distract from the main focus... your beautiful new baby.


For children, I suggest a cream dress or plain white shirt for boys with jeans or khaki pants. Feel free to email me outfit options so I can help you further. 



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