The little angel Guiliana. Her mothers story is amazing and is hard to express in my own words. Sometimes life's journey lets you know there's amazing plans for us all. Gina's story is just a glimpse of all the magic we have in our lives. The power of a woman's body to instantly know what to do, the incredible coincidence of the birth of Giuliana on Julie's birthday after her passing all just make you say "wow!"

"Not only was Giuliana a special surprise at home birth, but she was sent by her very own guardian angel. I picked her name 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. When I got pregnant again, I just knew it was Giuliana and I was having a baby girl. My best friend from kindergarten's mom (also my mom's best friend), Julie, passed away from rectal cancer just days before my sex determining ultrasound. I went in alone to find out and even got a picture of her waving at me. We were very aware Giuliana's due date, June 1st, and Julie's birthday, May 23rd were close, but since I had my first baby 9 days late , 3 day labor after being induced, you could say I wasn't expecting a quick or early arrival. However, Julie had other plans for me.. Sure enough May 23rd, (Julie's Birthday) at 7am I woke up with my usual morning sickness. Yes, I was sick everyday of this pregnancy, so when I woke up with these common labor symptoms, I went to my mom who was running late for work and to stay home or find me help because I didn't feel good. Eventually I realized it wasn't just morning sickness and that I was in labor, or worse losing the baby, my body felt the urge to push. My water and mucus plug broke in one push and I was able to tell her that much before my 2 year old son woke up and I had my mom take him to watch tv. (Where we were living the fan and light were one switch so no one even heard me in labor, thankfully, and not thankfully lol.) I grabbed a clean towel and sports bra to cover myself incase my mom or son popped in on me. I then filled a bath out of comfort and went in and out unable to stop having contractions and I was on the toilet and pushed her out in two pushes I held her and since I hadn't delivered my placenta yet I just calmly sat in the tub and held her in the towel in my arms. The whole process was only an hour and half! I was finally able to let out a yell to my mom. She ran in and could barely comprehend the situation lol.. given Giuliana was calm and not screaming. I then had 6 firefighters/emts in my bathroom cut my cord and hold the baby. Our baby girl was 6lbs 7oz and healthy as can be. I was watched over by angels, and Julie was definitely there keeping me and Giuliana calm, the same way she did when I was a little girl crying homesick for my mom and my bed. Thank you Jesus and Julie. Because of you, I found my inner strength to do something I could not have done without their shinning light. I am still trying to feel like it's real and it happened to me. My doubts about God are gone, and Giuliana has brought so much peace to my family and loved ones. It is truly a blessing." Gina Maria

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