Maternity posing tips

Fact: I'm terrible at explaining things! I'm not a very good teacher sometimes and I can totally admit it as a fault. I just get all bogged up in my mind trying to explain it right and then fail miserably. It's a challenge when I'm out in the field trying to explain poses, as I stumble over my words, while running around catching that sun and making your images AMAZING! Phew... that was exhausting to explain!

So, I thought I'd snap some pictures and try to give my clients a good visual of what I'm trying to explain during your shoot. Because let's face it, we both want these amazing pictures for you! Now, this is just one pose. I have you move your hands, move positions, add dad in. All that good stuff. But this is what I always tell you to do with your leg during all poses. (Okay, 90% of poses.)

Example One:

This is everyone's typical stance. Legs locked, belly out, shoulders semi curved if you're like me with terrible posture. Honestly, not the most flattering but in some cases, for up close belly shots, I may have you do this. As you keep scrolling you'll notice the difference.

Example Two:

This is what typical happens when I say "Bend your front leg". So now you begin to see that arch. Okay, now I've noticed you're a little shy and so I try to explain it by saying, "bend your knee as if you need to pee." I know! Such a crazy way to explain it, but honestly, for the most part that is how I can begin to see what we are going for. Typically, I try to stop explaining at this point, because I don't want to completely frustrate you and make you think you're doing something wrong. Yes, this photographs okay too, but check out the next example and what we really want!

Example Three:

Now this is what I mean! Okay, see how my toe (Yes, that me! ) is at the tip of my right toe. My toe is all the way up and my knee is pushing over, kind of crossing my thighs (This is where that whole "pee analogy" came from.) This really gets that "S" shape we are going for. As always, chin is out and down. This is as if you're looking over your belly, to your toes. That helps with the dreaded double chin. Trust me, in the wrong position, everyone will have the double chin. So I say, "chin out and down".

Compare example one and example three. Do you see the difference? This elongates yours body and really shows that sweet baby bump we are trying to show off!

Side note: I was tempted to Photoshop a baby belly on me but I knew I would have 500 emails, mostly from my dad who wants another grandchild! Haha.. Okay, off subject.

Bonus Example:

Sometimes, I ask you to push the opposite shoulder back, this accentuates that "S" curve even more.

Here is a beautiful mama as a real example. "S" shape and her shoulder is back.

I hope this helps you visualize what I'm trying to explain during our session. As always, I want you to be as comfortable as possible and make your images as beautiful as ever. Something you will love and cherish every day you reminisce on this short time of closeness to your sweet baby growing.

Have a beautiful day!


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