Hello love!

I am Jasmine, lover of my family, hippie at heart, traveler of the world.

For 15 years my camera has been my active companion; sidekick to my hands. As most of our passions in life, this love for photography came in waves. Making its fierce appearance in my early teens, slowing down to build up again with college courses and then to only strengthen for its immense return into my life with the birth of my first daughter. It has definitely been the most fulfilling adventure for me. I constantly find myself falling in love over and over for the little details of newborns. The innocence they hold is a perpetual joy that is the highlight of my art. I find the finest thing about being an artist is how our passions continue to evolve over time; just like waves, each fall with a different layer adding to a beautiful masterpiece.

Today, I specialized in luxury maternity, newborn and baby portraiture. My maternity sessions generally take place outdoors at different locations around Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and beyond. I also have a studio in Loomis, CA where all the magic happens.

As a person who has very few pictures of their childhood, I cherish every moment of a child’s life. It’s the little freckle, shy smile and honest eyes, that we forget as time folds. I love being the artist that records these precious memories for families. I believe that pictures are our stories, our history. They are what we pass on to our next generation. These moments of light and love that pass us by so quickly, are what I love to capture. The memories that are, and forever will be, in our hearts.

“Every moment is a story. Let me tell yours…”